Tools for Rally Captains

In this Tools for Rally Captains section, you’ll find help on everything from locking in your site to planning out your agenda for the event.

Please note that these rules are intended to be scalable, so don’t be intimidated if anything seems like too much. You as the Rally Captain will decide how far you want to go with your Rally — from a smaller gathering at your local abortion facility to a large event with stage and sound outside a federal court. Modify these rules as you deem appropriate.

These resources are divided into seven main sections:

  1. Securing a Good Rally Site
  2. Building Your Rally Team
  3. Promoting Your Rally
  4. Earning Media Coverage
  5. Advance Preparations (speakers, signs, etc)
  6. Rally Day Plan and Program
  7. Police and Opposition

Note: If you encounter any problems finding or using these leadership resources, or need further guidance or advice, please contact the national team for help.